Promoting a Product or Service Through Social Media? These Are The Ideal Times To ROCK IT!

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One of my favourite blogs on the planet comes from KISSmetrics whose blog contains some of the most useful and relevant online marketing and measurement and analytics content for businesses today. What initially drew me to KISSmetrics was their awesome infographics, which are not just visually appealing but contain analysis of data and statistics that we can all utilize. Recently released was an infographic breaking down the best times to share content across Facebook and Twitter. The data for this infographic was collected and analyzed by Hubspot’s in-house social media “scientist,” Dan Zarrella.

To get the best results for sharing your customized content, use these guidelines. I recommend using this as a guideline only of course; continue your activity throughout the day – but keep your best stuff when you will get the highest amount of ROI (return on interest).

What I gathered to be the most useful info for you is this:

  • FACEBOOK: Ideal share time – NOON ET
  • FACEBOOK: Ideal share day – Saturday
  • FACEBOOK: Ideal number of shares – one every other day
  • TWITTER:     Ideal tweet time – 5PM ET
  • TWITTER:     Ideal tweet days – Wednesday and weekends (just remember “WW”)
  • TWITTER:     Ideal tweets per hour – 1 to 4

No article about an infographic would be complete without the actual infographic so here it is, in all its beauty (I’m an infographic fanatic).

Promoting a Product or Service Through Social Media? These Are The Best Times To ROCK IT!


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