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Have you wondered about Pinterest and how it could be of benefit for your business?

Spread your Online Web Presence

The more sites you list your business on online. The better for optimisation. Do a quick test, google your business name and check to see how much content comes up on your business? If the results are low, it can give the impression that your business is smaller than it is. A big presence shows that you are out there and are established.

Become a thought leader in the industry

Creating boards on Pinterest that provide useful and educational information will help your business achieve this. Be sure to combine this with fun and creative imagery. The idea is that your followers begin to see your Pinterest account as a good place to go to, to receive useful and relevant information.

Expand your Reach

Are you following your Target Market? Following accounts on Pinterest has to be thought out correctly. Are the Pinners in your Target Market (ie. Potential customers) or in your Geographical Area? The accounts could be followed too if you feel ‘that those following these’ are potential customers.

To develop good relationships with your network, be sure to follow industry related Pinners and share their content across to your Pinterest Boards. Mutual trust is important and collaborative efforts should benefit both parties. Identify those who have a big following that can give exposure to your brand and content to more people.

Drive Traffic to your Website

According to research Pinterest drives more traffic to websites than Google+, Linkedin and YouTube combined. For this to work, make 100% sure that the ‘source’ is set on each image to your Website URL. Quite often this is left off by mistake. Do a test and enlarge an image on one of your boards. Click on it and it should take you directly to your website.

Encourage people to pin your pins! Creative marketing is key here. Your visual images should be attractive with content that inspires, assists or informs visitors. Your images should ‘communicate the appropriate message’

To conclude, all social media sites that your business is listed on should be professionally branded and have good content. For easily shared content add the ‘Pin It’ button to your Website pages as this can assist with getting your website to go viral. Ultimately Pinterest should result in higher traffic numbers and increased visibility for your business.

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