My Christmas Miracle for 2015

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My Christmas Miracle 2015

My Christmas Miracle 2015

Anybody who knows me understands that I have SEVERE allergies to dogs. I don’t get runny eyes and sneeze. I have ended up at the hospital on oxygen because of “allergy-induced” asthma attacks. Some breeds are worse than others for me and Labradors are among of the worst. Around 8 or 9 weeks ago I decided it was time to remove sugar from my diet completely. From there I dropped dairy, added more fruit, more vegetables, removed grains, lowered my intake of animal products, and started juicing. I felt better, but I couldn’t have known how my body was healing itself on the inside. 

Here’s where my Christmas Miracle story begins

On my way to Newfoundland this week, my sister Cheryl and I had a delay due to mechanical failure. This meant we were stuck in Halifax overnight. What to do what to do. We drove back to my other sister Cynthia‘s house 45 minutes away not expecting to stay, but rather to have a short visit. Cynthia has 3 full-grown labs, 3 puppy labs, and a German Shepherd in her house. NO WAY could I ever withstand this kind of exposure without experiencing a full-blown asthma attack. Not only did I stay at her house, I slept on the main floor where there is the most dog hair, and all of the following day I cleaned my sister’s house which meant inhaling tons of dog dander while cleaning up dog hair (hour after hour). I survived it. Actually, I did better than survive it. I ran later that day with Jazzy (the GSD) and my lungs didn’t feel bad at all.

What can this mean for YOU?

If you have ANY health concerns at all, I urge you to utilize the natural means that God gave us to heal ourselves: good clean food packed full of nutrients. You can create the internal environment to allow your body (and mind) to heal itself.

This is MY Christmas Miracle this year. What’s your story?

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