Ch-ch-changes to Layouts of Facebook Business Pages

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Changes to Facebook Business Pages

Facebook Business Page Changes


Breaking news as Facebook announces they are making changes to the basic layouts of Facebook Business Pages. Before you start to groan, be assured there are improvements, not only in design but in the user-friendly elements of page management. The official announement of the new streamlined look came after comprehensive research lead Facebook’s developers to implementing the new changes.

Content Feed of the Page

This will be aligned directly right into a new single column (basically it will be the same design as for personal Facebook profiles).

Posts will be listed from recent to past posts one above the other (not side by side as it was previously).

Apps are Moving

All Apps will be accessible on the left hand side placed in a box.

Apps will also be listed under a MORE tab near the Facebook Page Cover at the top.

Invite your Friends

This will be moved to the left-hand side and visible as a link which opens a new window when clicked on by fans again.

Until now friends listed were based on those you engage with the most. Let’s hope this changes to show a wider range of friends to invite instead of the same people suggestions occurring over and over. Remains to be seen!

The ‘About the Business’ Section

This will be asigned to the left-hand side column.

Cover Images

The Page Name, Website Link and Category will be written in white and pasted onto the Cover Image. This may mean cover photos could need adjusting or to require a complete redesign (more work for our graphic designer Heather!).

Pages to Watch

All admins will now be encouraged to watch their competitors Facebook Pages. Mini insights will be available to track their fan base growth and engagement success, as opposed to your own. It will give insight as to whether competitors have a better strategy and hence spur you on to amend your own if necessary.

At this point, one may wonder if most changes will be beneficial and in fact if they will be an improvement. Facebook argues that they are moving towards a more streamlined look that hopes to declutter the Pages Timeline. Their goal is to allow fans and visitors to engage more easily with your content when they visit the page. The changes were decided on membership numbers growing per day on Facebook, but with Business Page visits dropping in views. This may be due to the fact that Page apps are not visible on mobile phones. Members viewing Facebook from mobile phones is growing every day.

The new Facebook algorithm will push link sharing and good graphics ahead on the newsfeed. They want to give viewers what they like to see the most. Bottom line is, if you want your content seen you posts are going to have to include good graphics and out-going links. The more creative and exciting your content is-the more likely you are to get shares and the greater your reach will be. As for mobile useage, time has come to design effective landing pages that are mobile phone friendly. Use these or in simple terms-miss out on traffic and page growth!

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