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There is a saying ‘a picture if worth a thousand words’ and it couldn’t be more true when it comes to social media marketing. We live in an age of visual culture as more and more people carry a camera in their pockets due to technological advances in the cell phone industry. According to research 10% of all photos taken by the human race were taken in the last year!

Photos are quickly becoming the universal language used online for communication across the world. It is essential to embrace this new emerging culture as part of your social media marketing.

Various images can be used quite successfully. These can include photos, infographics, charts and drawings. Whichever imagery you decide to use, the facts speak for themselves. Posts with images generate more likes, shares, retweets and engagement such as replies and comments. If you want to boost your marketing success and engagement levels, visually driven marketing is what you need to embrace. Be sure to use good quality pics with high resolution where possible. Avoid blurred images, however casual pics taken with your cell phone camera are acceptable in the online world.

Here are five reasons why images are effective tools for online marketing :

1)    They take up more space on the newsfeed and therefore are more noticeable than posts lacking images. Hence they let you stand out from the crowd.

2)    They give your fans and followers the best information in the simplest way possible.

3)    They elicit emotions from your audience and can invoke loyalty from your potential customers.

4)    Images help you inspire action from your followers and fans.

5)    Articles with images get 94% total more views.


To conclude, images on social media channels are a vital component to connecting with your audience. Adapt to the age of visual culture and be sure to include visual images as part of your social media marketing strategies from now on. Need advice or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our team!

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