Chanel Miller

Chanel Miller, Social Media Business Strategist

Chanel Miller

Social Media Business Strategist and Trainer

I am a qualified Digital Marketing and Social Media Trainer. I currently attend seminars as guest speaker regarding online marketing strategies. Am particularly passionate about working with pioneers and businesses starting their online marketing campaigns, although I am equally capable working with larger companies and big brands. I am especially good at building a network on various Social Media Channels in order to tap into a particular target market for my clients. I also consult to companies who hire me to train their in-house teams to work on their Social Media accounts. I have done extensive travelling abroad in the UK and USA to consult/train marketing departments. Whether its account management, social media marketing or strategy or analyst you need, I am happy to assist.

Specialties: Social Media Marketing for business owners, Marketing and Branding, Lead Generation, and Social Media Training. I am an excellent teacher and can impart knowledge and skills with a confident and assertive manner while being sensitive to individuals. I tend to work extremely well under pressure and am a highly creative and resourceful person. I also have excellent public relations, marketing, sales, community management experience. Some of the clients I have worked with include: British Telecoms, Stobart Group, Century 21 UK, Remax UK, Charles Derby Group.

I assisting businesses to set up their Social Media accounts, focusing on their professional branding. Annette and I work together with your team to develop online marketing campaigns which are implemented on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google+ etc. It is my job to translate business & marketing objectives into social media strategy, once implemented the next step is lead generation and optimizing the ROI of campaigns and social media activity.

I have a sound knowledge of Search Engine Optimization principles and in-depth knowledge and understanding of social media platforms and their respective participants (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest). I am acutely aware of how these social media platforms can be deployed in different scenarios to access target markets for clients.