Chanel Miller

Business and Marketing Consultant

I am a qualified Business and Marketing Mentor who has been consulting to small businesses and entrepreneurs for the last 12 years. I have spent a large part of my life mentoring previously disadvantaged women in Southern Africa. I have accomplished this by providing South African women with basic business skills and assisting them with project funding.
I have helped expand business ventures into Australia, United Kingdom, the USA and Canada.

It is my belief that being an entrepreneur or small business owner is the solution to unemployment challenges all over the world. I have seen first-hand how entrepreneurship can help to boost economies , even at the grass level. As a Business Mentor I am very passionate about visualizing success as people strive to excel in their businesses.

It is my passion to develop strategies for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs that enable them to become successful in their own fields through marketing, client base development, brand-building and awareness, search engine optimization and social media marketing.

I believe the answer to happiness is seeking your purpose and using your talents in the area you are most passionate about. Life is an opportunity to fulfil our purpose, master skills, and ultimately to leave a legacy that contributes positively to our world. I look forward to working with the I & A team to contribute to your business.


NOTE: Chanel’s clients include Estate Agent Today, the largest online real estate publication in the U.K., where she is the lead Social Media Specialist.