Annette A. PENNEY


Founder, Online Marketing Strategist

I have an unshakable belief in the ability of people to reach their goals through determination and hard work – and nothing gives me greater joy than being a part of that effort.

I know firsthand how powerful a dream can be. At age 37, as the single mother of three beautiful girls, I made the choice to go back to university for not one, but two degrees. First, a bachelor’s in psychology (honours), and then a master’s in Community Psychology.

My dream meant seven years of late nights, high stress and tight budgets. It meant intense competition, unrelenting demands … and extraordinary rewards.

I discovered a desire for lifelong learning. I found I was tough and determined, empathetic and creative. I realized that failure was just another step on the road to success.

In other words, I discovered that I was an entrepreneur at heart.

That’s why I founded Inspire and Acquire to help other business owners achieve their dreams of growth and independence. I understand the fire inside you. I recognize that the status quo is never good enough, and I share your urge to stretch and improve and learn.

The good news is, you don’t have to do it alone. We’ll partner with you in developing creative strategies to build communities and attract customers. I’ve assembled a crack team to show you the latest tools for growing traffic, whether it’s blogging, video, search engine optimization or social networking.

We’re innovative and creative, but it’s not about creativity for its own sake. Thanks to my academic background, I have expertise in research methods and methodology to ensure that you get measurable returns on your marketing investment. I believe in what works, not what’s trendy.

I love what I do, and I try to share that enthusiasm with every client who comes our way. I believe that inspiration works both ways – and I look forward to being inspired by you.