Measurement and Analytics

Since the use of social media networks for the purposes of marketing and promotion is a relatively new practice (within the past year), continual monitoring of every aspect of a social media marketing (SMM) campaign is essential to success. At Inspire and Acquire we make use of a variety of measurement tools and methods used to assess the effectiveness of our efforts. Revisions are made throughout the SSM campaign that are knowledge-based, informed by the data obtained in the analytics. We generate reports on a monthly basis which outline: the number of new fans added to each social network account; the level of engagement of the fans on each account; the most popular links (i.e. to photos, stories, various posts); as well as the origins of new activity. Below is an example of a partial analytics report.

By understanding both the quantitative and qualitative data and analyzing trends that are demonstrated in user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content, we are well-equipped to improve your business through social media marketing.

More information coming soon.